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It's offical! We are one week away from launch day! To celebrate, I will be making an illustration a day of a scene or dialogue from book one! If you would like to see these pieces be sure to follow me on Instagram @Loonacy_Art and on Tiktok @Loonacy_Art. Here's the first one I made!


Want to get more in the zone and hear what inspires me to write and draw for Nightbringer? No worries! I've created an entire playlist of songs and aritsts iv'e written entire chapters too! Click below to give it a listen!


Enjoying reading my books and webcomics? Come support my work on Patreon! Two tiers are available with early access and behind the scenes content for my artworks! Link below!

Thanks again for the continued support for this endeavor!

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Hello! First off I wanted to say thanks again for supporting me and all my creative endeavors on nightbringer and Sanctuary! Its been awesome to be able to put my work out there and see people really

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