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Book two, audiobooks, and comic updates, oh my!


First off I wanted to say thanks again for supporting me and all my creative endeavors on nightbringer and Sanctuary! Its been awesome to be able to put my work out there and see people really enjoying my characters!

On that note, I'm happy to announce that Nightbringer will soon be available as an audiobook! It took a little bit to find a voice actor who I thought would be able to portray all the characters and the narration the way I imagined it, but I'm super excited with my choice and I think they'll only heighten the story even more! There is no set date right now, but expect the audio version around early to mid April!

Book Two is currently about half completed with the first draft, let me tell you, I am SUPER excited about how its coming along. Second books are always a bit more exciting, but I feel i've gained a lot more confidence in my own writing and how I want this story to be moving. It also delves a lot more into the gods and the overall history of envoys on the earth which is a blast to tell! Keep an eye on this blog for future updates and potential sneak peaks of chapters to come ;}

In comic news,

Sanctuary is still going strong at a steady pace. New chapters are posted on Tapas bi-weekly (occasionally earlier). I also have a patreon where you can read ahead and support me if you so please!

Thanks again for reading!

-Christine R

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