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I'm sure some of you have seen the many short comics I've been working on through the pandemic and onward. I've been using those storyboards as a basis for a new project that I can now safely announce is coming to life!

My first self published novel- NightBringer,Book One, is in the works! As of right now I am working with a copy/story editor to get things cleaned up and will be moving forward from there. The goal is to have this out to the public by this winter.

I will be using this blog to post updates, lore on the world, other art projects coming from LoonacyLLC and more.

This story has been in the works longer than even I have realized (I found drawings of comics I made with the same characters from almost 7 years ago:0)

If you'd like to know more about the world of Solaris, hit Lore of the World for a deep dive into my fantasy palace before the books even out!

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