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At one time, there were five envoys, those who carried the will of the gods on the earth. After hundreds of years, only one remains known, and he has ruled over the lands with an iron fist. The other gods have been forgotten and the earth burns under the harsh light of the sun god’s reign. Balance must be wrought. The god of darkness must present a new envoy to challenge the light. Only the night can save the world of Solaris from the light of day. Zenediel has served the Emperor as a soldier and  captain since he was a boy. After circumstances force him to flee his home, he soon discovers something has bigger plans for him. The god of darkness has chosen him to carry his will and his shadows to face the emperor. Zen must battle demons inside and out and learn to master what he’s becoming-before Solaris is burned to ash.

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Sanctuary is a vampire/horror/slow-burn webcomic hand drawn in a fun mix of western and eastern comic/ manga styles. It updates every two weeks on Tapas or you can read a chapter ahead and support me on Patreon! Check it out!

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